“You are more than 1.3 million strong, and from all over the world… You are scientists, engineers, inventors and patent-holders… You are famous (and not so famous) performers and artists…. You are businesspeople, teachers, administrators, parents, and students…”

Whatever Destination Imagination (DI) has helped you become, we hope that you (and now your children) are still active in the program! We encourage you to catch up on what’s happening with DI. Share some great memories, appraise at a Tournament, get involved, stay involved, and help Destination Imagination keep the creativity flowing.

Whether you were a member of Destination Imagination or our previous Odyssey of the Mind program or just find yourself in our flat but great state, we hope you will return and give back to our creative community!

How can you help?

1. Join the CreateND Facebook community! Follow us on Twitter! We’ll let you know about trainings and the activities here in North Dakota.

2. Join the DIAA community. The Destination Imagination Alumni Association to learn what is happening, including job opening information around the world.

3. Plan on appraising or becoming a Team Manager or Appraiser in your community wherever you live today.

4. Fill out this super simple form to keep us up to date on where you are!