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Team Manager Training

November 3 | Fargo

November 17 | Harvey

Mandatory Appraiser Training

March 16, 2013 | Central Cass

Affiliate Tournament

April 6, 2013 | Central Cass

Global Finals

May 22-24, 2013 | Tennessee


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Ready to get organized for the year? All forms are available online here.


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You most likely have questions about this season, right? Check out our Contact page to get ahold of our State Director or BoD.


Choose Your Challenge.

Start A Team.

Destination Imagination is an educational program where student teams solve open-ended Challenges and can present their solutions at tournaments.

Challenge A


Your vehicles are cranked and ready to tell their story. Will you push it, play it safe, or take the big risk? Just make sure you get In the Zone!

Challenge B


Art can begin with a flick of the wrist, but can it ride on the wind? If you take on this Challenge, you’ll imagine a character so light and airy that it could slip, slide and sail away!

Challenge C

Fine Arts

With the right camouflage, you can become anyone or anything. Superheroes and chameleons change themselves every day! Who will you be when you take the mask away?

Challenge D


The world has undergone a dramatic change overnight! OK team, grab some T-shirts and markers and see if you can make sense of this Change in RealiTee!

Challenge E


Let’s do the twist! It goes like this: Build a structure that can survive a serious hit while holding weight. That’s what we’re torqueing about!

Project Outreach

Service Learning

LIGHTS: Find a community need. CAMERA: Solve the problem the best way you can! ACTION: Then unveil your documentary film to a captivated audience.

Rising Stars

Early Learning

The colors of the rainbow are everywhere you look. In this Challenge, it is time to celebrate them all on ROY G BIV’s birthday. Pick your favorite color and join the party!