2012 Affiliate Tournament Results


47 Teams from Around North Dakota Compete For Destination ImagiNation

Forty-seven teams from Centennial Elementary, Central Cass, Enderlin, Harvey, Leeds, Minot AFB, Northern Cass and South Fargo DI presented their creative solutions to a number of challenges during the North Dakota Destination ImagiNation State Tournament on Saturday March 31st at the Central Cass School in Casselton.


Tournament results:

Challenge A: Assembly Required

Middle Level 1st Place: Boomtastics, Central Cass

Challenge B: The Social Stage

Elementary Level 1st Place: Zoom Zag Psyco Fish, Centennial Elementary

2nd Place: Castaways, Ely Elementary

3rd Place: The Seven Muskateers, Leeds

Middle Level: 1st Place: The 5 Blondes, South Fargo DI

2nd Place: Moldy Biscuits, Northern Cass

Challenge C: Coming Attractions

Elementary Level 1st Place: Creative Is Our Middle Name, Central Cass

2nd Place: Mini Chickens, Northern Cass

3rd Place: The Terminators, Central Cass

Middle Level 1st Place: Uno plus lyo, Ely Elementary

2nd Place: Got Name?, Harvey

3rd Place: R.O.C.K (Really Obvious Cool Kids), Northern Cass

Secondary Level 1st Place: The Hopelessly Lost, Centeral Cass

2nd Place: The Mango Squirrels, South Fargo DI

3rd Place: Rainbow Sheep, Minot AFB Youth Center

Challenge D: News to Me

Elementary Level 1st Place: The Ducttape Di-asters, Centennial Elementary

Middle Level 1st Place: These Pants are Tearing Our Friendship Apart,

South Fargo DI

2nd Place: Kook Aids and Chicken, Central Cass

3rd Place: Oven Freezers, Harvey

Challenge E: Hold It!

Elementary Level: 1st Place: The Fab 4, Centennial Elementary

2nd Place: Amazing 7 Extreme Team, Central Cass

3rd Place: Smarticals, Enderlin

Middle Level: 1st Place: Digers, Central Cass

2nd Place: Special Pillow Singers(S.P.S), Enderlin

3rd Place: Ninja Squirrels, Minot AFB Youth Center


Rising Stars®  Built to Last – Teams are non-competitive and do not advance to Global Finals. Teams who showcased their challenge were from Northern Cass, Harvey, Centennial Elementary, Central Cass, and Enderlin.

First Place teams are eligible to advance to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN May 23-26, 2012 where they will compete with over 20,000 students from around the world. The competition offers an emerging view of 21st century education-one that has creativity, teamwork and innovation at its core.  There will be Opening and Closing ceremonies as well as dozens of activities and pin trading!  For more information about DI, please visit our website at www.creatend.org.


Final Scores – Tournament 2012