How Global Finals Appraisal Teams are Built

The International Challenge Masters work hard to build the best possible Appraisal Teams to work at Global Finals. The Appraisers are not chosen casually – there is no dart board or pulling names out of a hat involved in the selections. Each Appraisal Team is a careful balance of several factors.

Geographic Balance: Each Appraisal Team is made up of people from different geographic regions. Each team is required to have representation from as many geographic regions as possible, and the ICMs are careful to balance the geographic mix.

Gender Balance: Whenever possible, both men and women are represented on every Appraisal Team, and the ICMs work so that elements to be appraised are evaluated by both men and women.

Age Balance: We strive for a mix of Appraisers of different relative ages on the teams. People of a variety of ages give the Appraisal team a broader experience base.

Experience Balance: Although the Appraisers at Global Finals are all well-experienced in appraising, it is very important to include Appraisers who are new to Global Finals on each team. New Appraisers keep the Appraisal Teams fresh. They also take what they have learned at Global Finals back to their Affiliates and Regions to make them stronger.

Alumni: Alumni have seen the program from a different vantage point, and they may recognize the elements of a team’s Presentation in a different way. They also understand the program and respect the process better than anyone.

The Appraisal Teams are analyzed to make sure they represent these factors. Because of the balance that is necessary, some wonderful Appraisers must take their turn “sitting out” a Global Finals Tournament. It’s not that they are less talented than other Appraisers. They must sometimes take time off because it is important to keep the teams balanced and to always give new Appraisers the opportunity to learn from the experience of appraising at the biggest and best DI Tournament.

It is important to remember that not every Appraiser who is nominated to Appraise actually applies. Sometimes only a small number of the people who are nominated by an Affiliate return their completed applications by the deadline. The ICMs choose from the people who have submitted completed applications.