Instant Challenge : Unstable Bridge


Your challenge is to build a free standing bridge that is at least 12 inches long.  It may touch the table at the beginning and end only.   It must also stand alone for at least 10 seconds.  Your only supplies are listed below.  You will have 4 minutes to complete your solution and 1 minute to present.


  • 20 straws
  • 10 paperclips
  • 1 ruler,  cannot be part of your solution or modified in any way


  • 25 points for a 12 inch long bridge.
  • 5 pts. For every 6 inches the bridge is longer than 12 in. with a maximum of 25pts.
  • 20 pts. For free standing for 10 sec.
  • 10 pts for creativity of bridge construction
  • 20 pts. For team work.