Instant Challenge : Trash Tells a Story


Your challenge is to use the objects you are given to create a PRESENTATION about a group of people.


You will have 5 minutes to use your imagination to create the STORY, and 2 minutes to give your PRESENTATION to the Appraisers.

The Scene:

Your team members are famous garbologists. A garbologist is someone who studies people and their culture by looking at what those people have thrown away. The objects you have been given represent what has been found as buried garbage.

Prepare a presentation showing who these people were, where they lived, and what they were like. Give your presentation to the Appraisers.


  • plastic container and lid
  • paper sack
  • twist tie
  • gum wrapper
  • aluminum foil
  • envelope
  • paper tube

Scoring: You will receive

  • A. Up to 25 points for the creative description of the people and culture
  • B. Up to 25 points for how you incorporate the objects in your description
  • C. Up to 25 points for the creativity of your performance
  • D. Up to 25 points for how well your team works together
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