Teaching the creative process, from imagination to innovation.

Destination Imagination teaches our participants curiosity, courage and creativity. Our challenges invoke curiosity so that kids develop an interest in their world and can imagine opportunities to improve it. Courage is gained when they learn their unique strengths and abilities and then step outside their comfort zones to pursue ideas and make presentations, and creativity is gained when they take a novel idea through to fruition.

How: We annually provide seven fun and engaging open-ended challenges that are designed to bridge the increasing gap between our emerging digital and human ecosystem and what kids are learning in school. Each challenge fosters additional work with STEM+Arts subject matter.

Why: We are mission driven to enable students to learn and develop their interests and strengths as they progress through high-school and college so that they will pursue their passions versus waiting on the world to tell them what they can do.

Who: 501c3 with 200,000 participants annually in 32 countries and 48 states; partnered with NASA, USSRC, 3M, Oracle, Disney, Motorola Solutions, and many others.